May 16

Get Chatbot For Mobile: Best AI Chatbot For Android Apps

Claudia Bot Builder Content Best AI Chatbot for Developers: How Using Humans And Chatbots Together Generated 182% More Qualified Leads Get the app Riding Out Quarantine With a Chatbot Friend: ‘I Feel Very Connected’ Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots This is one of the medical chatbot apps that you can use as your personal […]

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Apr 28

AI Chatbot For eCommerce: Chatbot Examples, Use-Cases, Benefits

Online store Content Chatbot Checklist: Guide to a High-Converting Bot Product Lifecycle Offers People Want to Shop With Messenger Apps Velvet Rope Experiences Chatbots with AI technology will maintain the natural conversational flow and increase engagement on the site. Many eCommerce stores are reluctant to implement chatbots on their sites because of the mechanical response. […]

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Dec 22

Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis: A Tutorial

Brandwatch Content Application in recommender systems Surprise and delight: What it is and brands who get it right Sentiment Analyzer HubSpot’s Service Hub This way you have full control over how the software analyzes your customers’ feedback. Now that you know what a sentiment analysis tool is and how it can benefit your business, let’s […]

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