A. hyperlink of council’s website. - CLICK HERE
B. details of sanctioned programme along with annual intake. - CLICK HERE
C. details of students. - CLICK HERE
D. available infrastructure facilities . - CLICK HERE
E. fees charged from students - CLICK HERE
F. facilities added during the last quarter Uploaded. - CLICK HERE
G. number of books in the library. - CLICK HERE
H. instructional facilities such as laboratory and library. - CLICK HERE
I. affidavit on Rs. 100/- stamp. - CLICK HERE
J. mandatory disclosure in the prescribed forma. - CLICK HERE
K. balance sheet as on last date of financial year 2018-19 - CLICK HERE
L. income expenditure account for financial year 2018-19 - CLICK HERE
M. receipt and payment account for financial year 2018-19 - CLICK HERE
N. biometric data updated on website of the institution on weekly basis. - CLICK HERE