BRC StartX for your next Startup

BRC StartX is an Startup Incubation Program by BRC for our College Students

Begin your Startup Journey with StartX

We know how hard is an Entrepreneur Life as we know that BRC is once a STARTUP. we teach you BUSINESS fron What to How and everything you need. Our mentors will help you.


A better way to send money.


Everything starts from an Idea. Execute it. start it.

Gain Customers

Know where you are customers are. find them. catch them. let them use it.

Scale & Engage customers

Engage your Customers while Scaling

Zero to an Giant in 4 months

You’ll got to know everything that your Business needs in 3 months of program. you’ll build your Startup while Learning with all the essential resources you need.

We are happy to announce that

Recently we started StartX and we are delighted to announce that 28 Startups are part of the Program. it’s never late to be part, Contact your Adminstrator for more details.

Are you in? Let’s get it done.