Turkmen Wedding Traditions

Traditionally, Turkmen brides wear a red dress that is decorated with silver chains. She also would wear a takhya, which is a headdress. Her head of hair is padded with cotton tyubeteika. These products are crucial to protect the lady from bad spirits and to make her rich.

A bride’s dowry https://www.aconsciousrethink.com/16926/losing-the-love-of-your-life/ consists of outfits, carpets, products, and household furniture. The groom’s family repays half of the bride price, that may be thousands of dollars. During the Soviet era, bride-to-be prices were prohibited.

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After marriage, the newlyweds proceed to live with the groom’s family. This is certainly a way to reinforce the family’s bonds and to increase contact with one another. It is also believed that your new man is cleansed in a stream by good friends.

Turkmen wedding customs include a series of game titles. These include semah and ellik. The bride and groom happen to be anticipated to produce a child within the primary year of marriage. Fortunately they are expected to knuckle down for their international dating for chinese family.

The wedding retraite https://asianbrides.org/turkmenistan-women/ is certainly decorated with colored kerchiefs. The bride is normally accompanied by her friends, who also hold a small bridle made of woven color bassin over her cape. She is not allowed to walk on the ground where blood was spilt.

The wedding service includes a mullah, who performs the service. After the marriage, a separate event is held in the parents’ home. Also to plov, a spicy lamb soup is offered to friends.

Traditionally, Turkmen girls get married to much older men at a young age. However , today, a few young women of all ages marry away from their tribes, which can be quite hard for them.

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